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What Sets Us Apart

Since our founding in 2012, our team of bright-minded and creative thinkers has been helping brands find their unique values. We map out the specific needs of each client so they can easily connect with their target audience. Our business is helping you promote yours, and we are here to ensure your successful future. Our specialization is in marketing via geo-targeting, app creation, web design, and back-office products.


We use Geo-fencing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Billboards, Radio Advertising, Television Advertising, and Direct Mailers, all sent to specific zip codes. Making your potential client see your ad everywhere, leads to sales for your business.

Let’s talk about Numbers:


Business growth in 95% of your clients


Customer of our clients come back for more


Customer satisfaction

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With our lead expertise and dedicated partners, we can have your business bring in some real profit. We work with google, all social media platforms, television stations, billboards, and radio stations.  

Sales & Marketing
That Gets Results

We believe marketing shouldn't feel like taking shots in the dark. That’s why at Market My Industry we believe that as long as you have a starting point and a destination we can map your way there.

Where Innovation Meets Opportunity

Grow your business with our Escalation Plan

Want a marketing plan that works for your business? At MMI, we don't believe that a restaurant shouldn't be marketed the same way medical practice is, and that's why we design a plan that focuses on what type of business you have. We call it the Escalation Plan and you should find out which one is best for your business.

Pick Your Industry

No two business are the same, and at MMI we work hard to insure that each business is looked into with marketing strategies and data need per industry to create the best marketing strategy for your business. So look for your industry and see what we have planned to help your business bring in customers.

Retail Store Owner

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Medical Practice Owner

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Law Firm Owner

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Restaurant Owner

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Plumber Owner

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Electrician Company Owner

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Graphic Design

We believe design should be used as a strategic weapon to speak directly to your audience. Think of all the reasons you had to hire a designer. But think about it differently. Think small, simple, and intelligent as your first impression on customers instead of big, dramatic and complex. Start thinking why more than what.

Website and App Creation

Professional website design based on premium WordPress, Shopify, WIX themes. Ideal for businesses who need expert web and IT professionals at their call. Impress clients with fast, SEO-ready websites at a competitive price launched in as little as two weeks


Printing that makes an impression, Printing that grabs attention, Quality printing that will make your business look great Printing that makes an impact

What We Offer.

We do more than just post to your social media - we create and design digital ads that get you noticed you will be raving about us. We offer web design, app creation, social media marketing, SEO, PPC, TV advertising, Digital Billboards, and Geo-Fencing and so much more.

Google Ads

Want to find new customers online? Market your industry with our google ads campaigns. We'll help you focus on the right areas and use the right keywords to catch potential buyers searching for your services or products. With our help, you can grow your business and watch your bottom line increase!

Geo-Targeting / Fencing

Do you want to take your business to the next level, then geofencing / geo-targeting will get your business the ROI that your business is looking for from one campaign? Imagine being able to track your ideal customer and send your ads directly to their mobile device, then watch them walk right into your location.

Social Media Marketing

Get started with Social Media Marketing which includes a profile and tracking setup for Facebook and a content generation for Social Media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Radio Advertising

Put your advisement in the ears of millions of online listeners. We use the latest internet listen platforms like Pandora, Spotify, and Iheart radio. Each platform lets your add be in-front of the clients that want to hear it and make a call.


Reach your customers as they drive to work, school, or just for a night out with our digital billboards all across the country. Display your business on major highways, subways, airports, and doctor offices.

Video Marketing

TV Advertising and YouTube Advertising in the United States have many more options than in the history of TV Advertising. With Broadcast TV, Cable TV, Satellite TV, Streaming TV, and now Over The Top TV options, it can be complicated to decide how and when to use a specific platform for your TV advertising needs. 

Kayy Vanity

Client Review

MMI built my company an amazing website that has my customers clicking buttons and buying.

Princz Moving

Client Review

This company really help me build my brand and got your moving company not just leads but sales.


Client Review

Have your on Insurance agency is hard but trying to figure out were to get clients I would have to say is the hardest. With the help of MMI we got customers ready to go forward. Thank guys.

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